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Original Imported Xiaomi MiJia Car Air Purifier ( Car Air Cleaning )

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  • Adopting double fans, recycling airflow accelerate air cleaning process.
  • It can clean air of a car about 3 - 7 minutes.
  • Mute mode: 60 square meters per hour.
  • Unique installation way: bind on the headrest of the car chair.
  • It can be remote controlled via your Xiaomi smart home APP, everything in on your hand.

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Product details of  XiaoMi MiJia Car Air Purifier

Adopting double fans, recycling airflow accelerate air cleaning process

Can clean air of a car about 3 - 7 minutes

Mute mode: 60 square meters per hour

Unique installation way: bind on the headrest of the car chair


Easy to breathe

Can feel the clean air

Heart, blood

And each granulocyte

As if in the forest, fresh, quiet


Breathing with the life of every moment, the quality of each breath a direct impact on our body every cell health.

The car closed environment so that the air can not effectively flow and update, xiaomi car air purifier has a high standard of clean filter, clean air output

Ratio (CADR) up to 60 m⊃3; / h. Ordinary Jiajiao about 3m⊃3; of the car space, just 3 minutes, you can make the car air a new look!



According to the internal space structure of the car, it is recommended to install the millet car air purifier on the back of the headrest of the rear seats, so that the purified

Clean air can be smoothly with the angle of the air flow throughout the cabin. Rapid flow along the roof to the front cockpit,

And then along the side of the door, the car floor, from the front row to the rear diffuser to the entire cabin, the formation of the car cycle.


Air purifier purification capacity depends on the filter is good or bad, selected from Japan Toray filter raw materials, from the early interception of hair, fine dust to high efficiency filtration PM2.5, pollen and other invisible particles, layers of protection, to double Purification.

Integral 360 ° barrel filter design to fully increase the filter and contaminated air contact area, effectively enhance the purification capacity.


Quiet mode, the noise as low as 42dB (A). This means that the vehicle is running, almost feel its presence.

The advantage of dual-wheel centrifugal fans is that even in silent mode, the output of clean air CADR value also reached 30m⊃3; / h.

Energy-efficient brushless DC motor, rated power 6.5W, mute mode, only 3.5W.



H11 high efficiency filter, depth filter PM2.5 / PM0.3 ~ 0.5 / plant pollen


The second layer of high-efficiency air particulate filters filters tiny particles as small as microns. This material is also widely used in medical devices and laboratories. (TORAY) H11-class filter, strong adsorption of harmful PM2.5, PM0.3 and pollen and other respirable particulate matter. Filter to fold the details of the mountain to create, strong pressure to reduce wind resistance, so that the rapid flow of air.


10 seconds to complete the filter replacement

Integrated barrel filter, effectively avoid the layers of the traditional filter layer appears during the demolition of dust, from the source to prevent secondary pollution.

Just open the back cover, remove or load into the filter, you can complete the loading and unloading. Simple and convenient, neat.